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UPDATED 9-9-2010

(updated) For those who have not yet downloaded the complete game package,
simply download the installer package here
Now in an easy installer package! Enjoy the game!

Differences in Games and other Versions of the game:
Current Version: (More recent game with better graphics, less refined,
has a boss, hope to be updated soon)
Recently I hired an artist to redraw some of the sprites for the game. Though the game is less complete, it looks better. If you have previously downloaded any version of this newer version (see the Blinkin Studios page for more details) and already have the folders containing the music and sound effects, and you just want the updated executable version, you may simply download the updated Executable here. (please note this is the same executable in the installer version)

Please note that neither game WILL NOT RUN without the downloaded soundfx and music folders.

Previous Version: (older game, updated to work in Windows Vista/7, no bosses)
A couple of years ago I was working on a much more refined version of gameplay. While work progresses on the new one to make it more like this one, this one is a bit more fun (to me and others).. If you wish to play this older, more complete version of the game, please download the above file and then download this executable and place in the main Neon Ninja game directory.
As previously stated, the game WILL NOT RUN apart from the sounds and fx folder. . . (I will make an autoinstall for this soon!)